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About APEX

The collaboration between music arrangers, composers and performers has been growing intensively in recent years. Arrangers are in search for new colours and sound in the pieces by different composers. Not only are masters of arrangement required to have a good understanding of the compositional foundation of the original work, but, also, they need an ability to perform its creative modification, which, without music theory, composition and instrument knowledge would not be possible. Therefore, the final result is achieved by introducing unusual timbre lines, changing stylistics, adding modern technologies and sometimes extending or shortening composition time. Arrangers are in direct cooperation with musicians who are often very creative themselves – their openness to interpretation takes them into the world of experiments and innovations.


The first music arrangement festival – competition in Lithuania APEX (Lat. "top") was established as the arrangement fiesta aimed to reveal the beauty of already existing compositions in a new way. It means not only achieving the heights of a fresh perfect sound but also extending the repertoire of the chamber ensembles. The string quartet, piano trio and a woodwind quintet will perform the arrangements made by the participants of the festival. The competitors are free to choose a piece they would like to arrange in any genre they prefer – academic, old music, pop, jazz, contemporary etc. The selected composition cannot be longer than 4 – 6 min and it has to be arranged for one of the chamber ensembles named above. The competition is open to performers, composers and arrangers from different musical backgrounds. There are no age restrictions. For more detailed information read the festival regulations.